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At My Shoes Finder, we’re passionate about promoting a healthier, more natural way of walking and running. Our focus is on Barefoot Shoes, a footwear option that allows you to connect with the ground beneath you, offering unparalleled comfort and freedom. If you’ve been searching for a shoe that lets your feet breathe and move naturally, you’ve come to the right place.

About Denver, CO.

Nestled in a picturesque corner of Denver, CO, our My Shoes Finder offers you a serene and welcoming environment to explore the world of Barefoot Shoes. Our location is carefully chosen to reflect the essence of simplicity and natural living, mirroring the core philosophy of barefoot footwear.

As you step into our site, you’ll be greeted by the tranquility of Denver, CO’s natural beauty, whether it’s the lush green surroundings, the calming waters, or the crisp mountain air. We believe that our physical location should harmonize with the values we promote – a life unburdened by the constraints of conventional footwear.

Whether you’re visiting our site in person or exploring our online resources from afar, we aim to share the serenity and purity of Denver, CO with you. It’s an invitation to connect with nature and experience the freedom of Barefoot Shoes in a truly idyllic setting.

Products We Offer:

Assorted barefoot shoes displayed in a tree-like arrangement against a plain background.

Like your body, our SOLE is the foundation of everything we do. Letting your foot move naturally, plus giving you just-right protection, support, and comfort… and backed by our 5,000 mile sole warranty!

A pair of brown barefoot sandals on a white background.

Barefoot Sandals

Step into the ultimate comfort with our barefoot sandals. Experience the liberating feeling of being close to the ground while enjoying the freedom of open-toed footwear. Whether you're strolling along the beach or seeking a casual, minimalist look, our barefoot sandals are designed to complement your style.

A pair of blue barefoot shoes with black laces and grey accents on a white sole, isolated on a white background.

Barefoot Shoes for Running

Unleash your inner athlete with our collection of barefoot shoes designed specifically for running. Feel the ground beneath your feet, enhance your natural gait, and minimize impact while you hit the track or trail. Our running shoes are engineered to optimize your performance while providing comfort and protection.

A pair of beige barefoot shoes with laces on a white background.

Barefoot Shoes for Hiking

Embrace the great outdoors with confidence and comfort in our barefoot shoes for hiking. Experience the benefits of being one with nature while protecting your feet. Our hiking shoes are designed to provide the traction and durability you need for your adventures.

A pair of mint green barefoot shoes on a black background.

Barefoot Shoes for Walking

Make your everyday walks extraordinary with our barefoot walking shoes. Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and style as you explore your surroundings. Our walking shoes are a smart choice for anyone seeking to maintain a natural stride during daily strolls.

My Shoes Finder

For the ultimate in barefoot shoes and sandals, your journey starts and ends with My Shoes Finder. We’re committed to offering you top-quality products, expert guidance, and an outstanding user experience. Whether you’re an experienced barefoot enthusiast or just beginning your journey, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Contact us today to explore our collection of barefoot footwear and discover the freedom, comfort, and style that awaits you. You can reach us at our phone number or visit us at our website. We look forward to being your trusted source for all your barefoot shoe needs. Embrace the future of comfortable, natural footwear with My Shoes Finder.

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